Built in the 18th century, this temple is located on Kuonxoa Road, which is right down the road from Wat Xieng Thong and nestled between Wat Sop and Wat Si Boung Houang. The main sim is a simple structure adorned with graceful cho faa finials. Cho faa means sky cluster, an apt name for these finials spiking out into the sky above from the apex of each gable on both the sim and the simpler white chapel.

The white chapel with two short and two tall round columns decorated with gold leaf, is guarded by two striking white lions with red teeth. One of the pictures shows the decorative gold door to the entrance of the chapel.

I took a picture of a Buddha statue, but I am not sure if it was here or at Wat Sop. I think it may be from Wat Sop as I look at it more closely. We went to both temples (and more) on the same day.