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Location: SE of Bagan Inscription inside entrance hall An inscription inside the entrance hall dates to 1165. It lists bonded

Minochantha, Bagan, Myanmar - 3 Sisters
Min-o-chantha Group

The Minochantha group consists of 3 stupas. They are non-pentagonal representations of the hpaya-nga-zu theme. The other non-pentagonal temple with


Shwezigon Location: Nyaung U – western sector close to river bank. Year Built:  Another early temple, it was started in


Location: Myinkaba Village, southern edge. Close to Nanpaya. Year Built:  Manuha was built by the “captive” Mon king Manuha. In

Nanpaya or Nan-hpaya

Location: Myinkaba Village, south-west sector. Situated south-west of Manuha Hpaya. Year Built:  Built in  the 11th century. Architectural details: Beautiful


Location: Inside the Bagan city-wall, west of That-byin-nyu. Very close to Nga-kywe-na-daung (Ngakwenadaung).  Year Built:  This is another temple among

Ngakywenadaung Pagoda

Location: Inside the Bagan city-wall, west of That-byin-nyu. It is beside the dirt road bringing the Nat-hlaung-kyaung (Hindu) temple and

East and West Hpet-Leik

Location: Close to Thiripyitsaya village and Shwesandaw Zedi. Year Built:  Probably in the early 11th century. Strachan writes that these

Shwesandaw Paya, Bagan, Myanmar

Location: This temple is situated a little distance from the south of the city wall. Close to: Hpet-Leik with reclining

Pya-tha-da Pagoda, also called the Unfinished Pagoda. Early Morning (Bagan, Myanmar 2009)
Pya-Tha-Da, the Unfinished Temple

This temple was damaged in the 1975 earthquake that hit Bagan. The main Buddha image is new since then. Pictures

Ananda Temple - back side
Ananda Temple, Bagan, Myanmar

Ananda Temple Ananda temple is the grandest of all the temples in Bagan. It dates from about 1105, attributed to

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